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The powered Neater Mobile Arm Support enables people with muscle weakness to use their arms.

Functional benefits of the Neater Mobile Arm Support

  • Enables users to feed themselves, drink, phone, scratch their head,
    wipe their nose, etc.
  • The mobile arm support, supports the user’s arms when using a keyboard

Physical benefits of using the Mobile Arm Supports

  • Large movement range reduces development of joint contractures
  • Arm supports helps maintain strength
  • Reduces development of postural deformities

Psychological benefits of the Mobile Arm Support

  • Less dependence on carers
  • Encourages social interaction
  • Helps maintain dignity
  • Promotes engagement in activities and mealtimes

Arm Supports overview

The Neater Arm Support unlike other arm supports has a unique power drive system, which provides power assistance to the user. The client needs very little movement or ability to use the mobile arm supports as the power drive system negates gravity and effortlessly lifts the arms to a functional position. The friction free arms enable a fluid movement capability and the sling frame geometry automatically lowers the elbow on raising to bring the hand level with the mouth.


  • “… an essential piece of equipment for people with Duchenne muscular dystrophy or spinal muscular atrophy. ”

  • “I can now adjust my glasses, scratch my chin, exercise my shoulder and eat as many crisps as I want with my mobile arm support! ”

  • “…invaluable for people with a progressive weakness of the shoulder girdle muscles. It can help reduce development of joint contractures and maintain muscle strength.”

  • “It’s AWESOME! … I can use a mobile phone!”

Free Home Assessments:

  • Maximise physical benefits and movement range by introducing the equipment early
  • Free assessments are quick and convenient, using a unit on a portable stand
  • When supplied, the mobile arm supports are usually fitted to the user’s chair



  • Single or both arms
  • Good for exercise
  • Powered by the wheelchair’s batteries
  • Fitted to the back of the wheelchair
  • Folding design minimises obstruction
  • Wide range of frictionless movement

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NAS Zero Manual Arm Support

Neater Arm Support Zero (manual)

The manual Neater Arm Support has been introduced to provide an interim or complimentary solution to muscle weakness.

Its unique geometry combines a fluid friction free arm with an easy to adjust counter balance system to aid lifting of the arm. Its main use is for table or desk bound activities such as keyboard function. This makes it an ideal solution for the workplace or in educational establishments.

Functional benefits

  • enables the user to reach their face for eating drinking or hygiene activities
  • Useful for computer activities and other work based activities such as sewing

Physical benefits

  • Keeps joints moving for greater flexibility
  • Lifting the arm against gravity provides a stable platform for activity
  • maintains strength for longer duration than without
  • activities are able to be completed more rapidly

Psychological benefits

  • Well being from being able to do something for oneself
  • Less dependence on carers
  • Helps maintain dignity

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NAS Assist

NAS Assist

The “Neater Arm Support – Assist” is a new device  from Neater Solutions to assist people with weak arms.  The Neater Arm Support is a powered device that lifts people’s arms up and down.  When the new assist mechanism is engaged, the user’s hand automatically moves closer to their face when their arm is lifted. This enables them to perform functions such as eating and drinking.

Its unique action enables users with weakness or tightness of the triceps to reach their mouth and face more easily for eating, drinking and hygiene activities.

At a press of a button the arm support raises, and then the wheel engages with the sloping surface to gently encourage the hand inwards and when at the top holds there. When lowering, the system smoothly disengages to allow full functionality.

This enhancement to the system is likely to be beneficial to clients with Motor Neurone Disease, for stroke therapy and for longer term users of the arm support with muscular dystrophy.

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