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Instruction Manuals

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Initial set up instruction manual for V6

Neater Robot Quick Start

Initial set up instruction manual for V6

Neater Robot – Helpfile

Manual NE instructions

Manual NE instructions


Nas 0 instructions

NAS Zero Instructions

Arm support instructions

Arm Support instructions

Manual NE (old)  Instructions

Manual NE (old) Instructions



Metallic drinker instructions

Metallic Drinker instructions

Ceramic drinker instructions

Ceramic Drinker instructions

Steady straw instructions

Steady Straw instructions


Cup holder instructions

Cupholder instructions

Wheelchair cup holder instructions

Wheelchair Cupholder instructions

wheelchair cup holder + steady straw instructions

Wheelchair Cupholder + Steady Straw instructions




Straw brush cleaning notes

Neater Straw Cleaning Brush instructions

Neater straw instructions

Neater Rigid Straw – instructions

Neater powered drinker instructions

Neater Powered Drinker instructions


Electric NE instructions

Electric NE instructions

Neater Table Instructions

Neater Table Instructions

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