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We have available, a wide range of replacement plates, bowls and cups in high quality ceramic from the Staffordshire potteries. These are available with  spigots or pegs to integrate with our Neater Eaters. They are also available in plastic, heated variant, and partitioned options. For full details please download our accessories sheets here.

All of our ceramic plates and bowls are dishwasher safe and are able to be used in a microwave.


Please view or download the brochure here The plates and cups can be found on pages 9 & 10


A wide range of cutlery is available in a variety of materials and styles, including stainless steel, polycarbonate and unbreakable plastic. These items are designed to interface with the Neater Eaters via a dedicated mounting system. Cutlery mounts are also available to allow your own cutlery to be used with our eating machines. We are also able to supply a small range of non mounted cutlery please refer to the accessories download for further information via this link.

All of the cutlery is dishwasher safe.


New Co-polymer Spoon

To compliment the new designs and functions of the Neater Eaters we have introduced a newly designed spoon in standard and narrow sizes in co-polymer. This material has the strength of Poly-carbonate with the soft feel of our unbreakable range. The design has a flattened base to make scooping more accurate off of the plate surface


Neater Snacker

The Neater Snacker with version 2 of our sandwich/snack holder is a clamp fixing bendable arm which helps position the snack or sandwich at the user’s mouth. It is suitable for any user with good head control. The user bites into the snack or sandwich and gently manoeuvres it within the holder. It can be used for biscuits, crisps, pizza, naan and other bread type products. The holder can be easily removed to be placed into the Neater Eater spoon mount.



The Neater Eaters, Arm Supports, Drinkers and Uni-Chair are built from the highest quality materials and are designed to last for many years under normal use. Occasionally as the units age they need replacement parts, and we  are able to offer a comprehensive range of spare parts to extend the life of any of our products. The range is too numerous to list here, so please download our accessories sheets for further information via the link.

Remote plate turnerNeater ButtonCounterbalance spring

Please view or download our brochure here






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